Usefulness of Feedburner

Steps to access Feedburner


Feed Burner was founded by Dick Costello, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, and Matt Shobe. It was developed in 2004 and it is a Google tool.  Feed burner can be used on any web site to set up RSS services and e-mail notifications.  The advantage to using Feed burner is that you can track subscribers and manage e-mail lists. it is mainly used for adding Subscription Form. When more visitors enter the website regularly, it increases the credibility. Using Gmail account only we can verify. it can be used for marketing areas etc. shortly it is used to increase the subscribers and increasing the audience regularly.

Steps for Feed Burner

First you will need to have a Google Account. Visit the page to begin the process. Then you will get into My Feeds Page. In the first step, you will type the link to your Word Press Blog Feed.

In step 2, you will choose the title of your Feed and the address of your feed. It is advised to keep the title of your feed the same as your blog. Then now, your Feed is created. Next page will come and you can take the publicize option.

And take email subscription; by activating it you just get a code. Copy that code and go to the dashboard of the blogger. From the dashboard take the option layout, from that add gadget and take html script.

Paste the code in the content now appeared and save the arrangement.

Then you get the subscription form on your published blog post.

There are many other options such as feed count that to know how many people became subscribers for a particular page or blog.

Then the other category is summary burner that if we became a subscriber for a particular add then they send the mails regularly and the content inside that mail is summary burner. Next one is feed image burner which is used for identification. This all are done in same process by activating the given options and copying the code and paste in the layout of dashboard.

Britto Jose